Monitoring your containers is hard. Sensu is here to help.

The introduction of new technologies in to an enterprise can bring issue of visibility black-spots due to an inadequate ability to monitor the services


Sensu is a unified infrastructure and application monitoring solution for multi-cloud monitoring at scale. Gain deep visibility into servers, containers, services, applications, functions, and connected devices across any public or private cloud.

The shift from static to dynamic infrastructure introduces new business requirements. High-trust private networks are replaced with untrusted networks on public clouds. Tightly coupled ops tools are being displaced with disparate systems, necessitating integration with third-party APIs. Collaboration between development and operations relies on self-service workflows with integrated authentication solutions. Sensu gives you these advantages.

Monitor tens of thousands of nodes from a single cluster using Sensu’s high-performance enterprise datastore. Get visibility into globally distributed infrastructure with Sensu federation.

Onboard new teams quickly with turn-key integrations for the tools your organization relies on, including Elasticsearch, Splunk, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Ansible Tower, and many more.

Lock down user access with Sensu SSO providers (LDAP, Active Directory, OIDC), and automate agent identity with mTLS certificate authentication, external PKI verification, and CRL support.