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IT security is a set of strategies for cybersecurity that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data. It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. With applications, data and identities moving to the cloud, more and more sensitive information is exposed directly over the internet; unprotected by the traditional security stack. Cloud security can help secure the usage of public cloud and SaaS, but require a different mindset and implementation of cloud-aware security tools and processes.

Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Serverless computing has gained a lot of traction the last couple of years. Many organizations are already experimenting with it and using its fullest potential for their applications. As described in...
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Useful things you need to know about system hardening

Since Dev and Ops related activities blend together in a DevOps world, developers need to understand more than just coding their application. Their role also includes typical Ops work: packaging and...
Containers Today 2019 recap by Wiebe de Roos

Containers Today 2019 recap by Wiebe de Roos

Containers Today recap by Wiebe de Roos - Containers Today 2019 has just ended. Hope you were there, just like me. This one-day event took place on June 27th in The...

Threat Modeling enhances system security

Over the last couple of years, security has become a major topic for every DevOps team. Cloud-first initiatives of various companies help to push the DevSecOps movement forward. The transition to...
Docker Desktop Enterprise is the best feature of Docker Enterprise 3 0

Docker Desktop Enterprise is the best feature of Docker Enterprise 3.0. Here’s why.

Docker released Enterprise 3.0, and Docker Desktop Enterprise is the big new thing in this release. Docker Desktop Enterprise, or DDE, extends the Docker Enterprise container platform to the developer's system...
Identity-Based microsegmentation

Identity-Based micro-segmentation boosts cloud security

Companies increasingly execute cloud-first strategies for their core business applications. Some organizations even put a deadline on when they want to close down their data-center in the near future. DevOps teams...
State of Software Security Volume X

State of Software Security Volume X

The Veracode State of Software Security represents the 10th version of the report. Much like the application security industry, the report has evolved over the past 10 years to focus more...
2019 Container Adoption Survey whitepaper

2019 Container Adoption Survey

The 2019 Annual Container Adoption Survey sponsored by Portworx and Aqua Security features insights from over 500 IT professionals across a variety of industries and company sizes. The survey, conducted in...
Interview with Chris Kranz and Why Sysdig

Interview with Chris Kranz – Why Sysdig

Part one of an Interview with Chris Kranz the EMEA SE Manager of Sysdig. we investigate the why, what and futures of sysdig.

Refactoring helps DevOps initiatives in your organization

Every developer can give you examples of applications of which the code base is like spaghetti code. Plenty of reasons why an application might end up in such a situation. Often,...