IT Operations is an activity business do to use IT technology within their organization. Traditionally focussing on keeping the lights on, IT Operations falls into three areas: servicedesk, network infrastructure and server and device management. With modern technology, less time is spent on running, and more on changing IT. Simpler, commoditized cloud services remove much of the day-to-day work sysadmins do to keep the lights on, meaning more time can be spent supporting the business with project and initiatives and changing and optimizing IT resources as a result.

What does HashiCorp’s Series E of $175 million mean for cloud-native?

Hashicorp has raised $175 Million US in funding to aid them in their stage of growth. HashiCorp's Series E positions them to take advantage of their multi-cloud messaging. The money will...
DevOps and the Product Owner what changes

DevOps and the Product Owner – what changes?

We live in the DevOps world now. Businesses implement CI/CD processes throughout their entire organization. Traditional teams have evolved to multi-disciplinary teams, delivering new features and release to production more quickly...
What is the difference between variable tf and variable tfvars in Terraform

What is the difference between variable.tf and variable.tfvars in Terraform?

Whitepaper: Increasing Developer Velocity in the Cloud Operating Model This whitepaper discusses how HashiCorp tools and the GitHub platform work together to enable organizations to adopt a strong CI/CD workflow and increase...
Expressions in Terraform

Expressions in Terraform

Wikipedia defines an expression in a programming language as a combination of one or more constants, variables, operators, and functions that the programming language interprets (according to its particular rules of precedence and...

Integrating Security into your Infrastructure-as-Code pipelines

Security is often left at the back of the queue when developing code, Priority is on Minimal Viable Product, and after delivering a feature, it's quickly on to the next. The...
Terraform 012 should I bother to update my code

Terraform 0.12: should I bother to update my code base?

Terraform 0.12 has been released since May 2019. it is now stable running at 0.12.20 at time of publishing. Is it now time to upgrade your legacy code.
HashiCorp Vault

Deploying and configuring HashiCorp Vault to service Terraform

In the third post of this series you will have noticed that we configured the Terraform environment to utilize a HashiCorp Vault server to provide one time use authentication for your...

DevSecOps – Building a Secure DevOps Pipeline

DevSecOps is the next stage in the DevOps revolution; integrating security practices into the development and operations workflows at an early stage. There is little argument that DevOps as a paradigm has...
Storage and connectivity

Edge computing explained and what you need to know

It could very well be the case you have already heard of edge computing. Many organizations already use edge computing in their day-to-day business. Before we dive into more details about...
Code evolution

Functional Programming: democratizing development for DevOps

There is a bit of a revolution happening on the quiet in the development world. Partly led by the paradigm of DevOps, with infrastructure-as-code and configuration scripting. This revolution is changing...