Automated Operations

Automating Operations is a big part of DevOps. The CALMS-model (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing) is a great way to define DevOps, and Automated Operations fit into the Automation pillar. Automation is important way to remove toil. Removing toil and automating operations improve the agility and business relevance of sysadmins.


CockroachDB is a hassle-free SQL database for multiple clouds

Everyone knows: cockroaches are annoying, highly persistent bugs. They can live under extreme conditions and always keep coming back even if you eliminated them all. When it comes to your valuable...

What is a DevOps Pipeline, and why do you need it?

When you are starting out on your DevOps journey you will hear about building a pipeline. But what is a pipeline and why is it important? First, it is important to...
GitOps is more than Git_ IaC, Merge Requests and Pipelines

GitOps is more than Git: IaC, Merge Requests and Pipelines

GitOps is a way-of-work that takes application development best practices like version control, code collaboration and automated pipelines and workflows, and applies them to IT infrastructure automation. Its technical premise is...
Waypoint 0.2 is adding foundational features for CI_CD

Waypoint 0.2 is adding foundational features for CI/CD

It may only seem like a minute ago that HashiCorp announced and released Waypoint as a 0.1 version, but it was October 15th, 2020 at HashiConf. Waypoint is Hashicorp’s first step...

Empowering development teams to make the most of Kubernetes’ potential

Kubernetes infrastructure is democratizing and commoditizing container platforms for software developers, serving as the core for modern, cloud-native applications. Its standard APIs and the standardized container image format it uses to ensure...

A beginner’s guide to GitOps and how it works

Infrastructure automation using DevOps best practices As software applications become more sophisticated, the demands on infrastructure increase. Teams need to support complex deployments at immense scale and speed. GitOps is an operational...
Why you must shift left security in the software development lifecycle

Why you must shift left security in the software development lifecycle

This is post 3 of 4 in the Amazic World series sponsored by GitLab 1. Toolchain tax: just the tip of the iceberg? 2. Why the Pipeline is key for Cloud Engineers 3. Changing...
Terraform 0.14

Terraform 0.14: are we at version 1.0 yet?

The second of December marked the next major milestone in the progress of HashiCorp’s Infrastructure as Code product; terraform. However, how many more minor releases are needed before it is deemed grown-up enough to receive the coveted 1.0 versioning?

A seismic shift in application security

Application Security Testing has been around for a long time, yet applications continue to be a lucrative target for attackers. Traditional application security tools were built for traditional development methods and struggle...
Parallel tests

Best practices for modern CI/CD pipelines

CI/CD is not new anymore. The hype slowly cools down and is now entering a mature state. Software development companies incorporated their CI/CD processes to fully support their DevOps teams. There...