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Open-source software is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. Wikipedia

Why running Windows containers in Kubernetes is crucial

Why running Windows containers in Kubernetes is crucial

Since the end of March, Kubernetes has full, production-level support for running Windows Server nodes in clusters. With Kubernetes version 1.14, running Windows-based containers has been moved from beta to stable...
Container security the static part

Container security – the static part

In one of my previous articles I wrote about the concepts of container security from a business point of view. One of the topics to start with is to secure the...
Docker Enterprise sold to Mirantis, Docker Desktop

Docker Enterprise sold to Mirantis, Docker Desktop, Hub raise $35MM

Two important things happened today at Docker to separate the two businesses. Mirantis to acquire the Enterprise parts of Docker Docker raised $35 million for Docker Desktop and Hub and replaces...
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Want to learn Kubernetes for free? Use Kubernetes.Academy!

Ever considered learning Kubernetes? But scared to take on such a big new path, realizing that containers are quickly becoming first-class citizens with Project Pacific? Read more about Project Pacific and Tanzu...
Migrating Terraform from AWS to Azure- changing the provider code

Migrating Terraform from AWS to Azure: changing the provider code

In our previous Terraform post we explained the process to configure the “azurerm” provider to connect to Azure. We showed two methods of carrying out this process one utilizing the standard...
Terraform 012 should I bother to update my code

Terraform 0.12: should I bother to update my code base?

Terraform 0.12 has been released since May 2019. it is now stable running at 0.12.20 at time of publishing. Is it now time to upgrade your legacy code.

Migrating Terraform from AWS to Azure: credentials & secrets

It is probably safe to say that the vast majority of Terraform users cut their teeth with the AWS providers to deploy their first cloud environments using infrastructure as code. It...
Jenkins X the new CICD tool for your Microservices

Jenkins X – the new CI/CD tool for your Microservices

Perhaps, one of the most well-known CI/CD orchestration tools is Jenkins. In the early days, it was called "Hudson". Development started at Sun Micro systems and the first official release was...

Sysdig stabilizes Prometheus with PROMCAT

Prometheus is a very popular opensource monitoring solution and it has changed the way that enterprises monitor their cloud-native environments. However, choosing the right plugins has been haphazard but no more...

Is cloud-native becoming mainstream? Yes, says CNCF

The CNCF regularly surveys the marketplace to understand adoption of cloud-native technologies. The results of the most recent survey shows some interesting adoption rates, indicating that cloud-native technologies are becoming mainstream. Why...