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Monitoring is an activity performed against applications and systems to determine their state and health. From basic uptime and performance tests to gathering application- and business-level telemetry; monitoring is a broad field. The main use case of monitoring is to detect problems and anomalies, determining root cause, performance and capacity bottlenecks.


Guidelines to become a Business Technology Company

Perhaps everyone in the IT industry has heard the phrase software is eating the world. Whoever uses this phrase emphasizes that IT and software applications become more and more important in...
Fluentd_logs everything from everywhere

Fluentd – logs everything from everywhere

Every component in your application landscape should log (part of) its activity for troubleshooting and security auditing purposes. This helps developers check debug logs when they are developing an application, or...
VMware acquires Datrium and Blue Medora

VMware acquires Datrium and Blue Medora

VMware has been digging deep into their pocket change this week with not one but two acquisition announcements. Firstly VMware announced their intention to acquire Datrium, a data storage and resilience...
The App Factory A slow movement towards rapid change

The App Factory: A slow movement towards rapid change

Download this whitepaper to learn how to remove silos and increase visibility. As the increasing need for dependable applications proliferates across nearly every industry, many organizations rush to release apps that do...
Why CICD and team metrics matter for your business

Why CI/CD and team metrics matter for your business

With the ever-increasing popularity of containerized microservices in the public cloud, deployments have become more complex. Because changes are deployed quickly and often, how these services behave in production is not...
chronosphere team

Chronosphere delivers on real-time insights for mission control teams

The push to cloud-native applications, and specifically to microservice landscapes, creates a challenge for operational teams. The challenge is, simply put, about sheer volume. Humans cannot comprehend nor grasp the volume of...
Sysdig Monitor_Monitoring in a Cloud Native World

Sysdig Monitor – Monitoring in a Cloud Native World

Event Management and Telemetry monitoring is complex in even the simplest of environments. But in a multi-cloud world that complexity is multiplied. The ephemeral nature of many services (or the scale...
Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Serverless computing has gained a lot of traction the last couple of years. Many organizations are already experimenting with it and using its fullest potential for their applications. As described in...
Interview with Chris Kranz and Why Sysdig

Interview with Chris Kranz – Why Sysdig

Part one of an Interview with Chris Kranz the EMEA SE Manager of Sysdig. we investigate the why, what and futures of sysdig.
Monitoring your containers

Monitoring your containers is hard. Sensu is here to help.

The introduction of new technologies in to an enterprise can bring issue of visibility black-spots due to an inadequate ability to monitor the services