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Workshop: Running the Sysdig platform in a Kubernetes environment

December 3, 2019

This workshop introduces the Sysdig Platform running against a Kubernetes environment. It walks through the fundamental concepts of the Sysdig Platform while tasking students to solve different business challenges that are common when running a Kubernetes environment.

The workshop goes through deploying different microservices applications, discovering their architecture, troubleshooting issues, creating relevant dashboards using a variety of metric sources, securing the applications and platform, as well as forensic analysis of failures and security events.


  • Deploy a new microservices application
  • Discover and explore a microservices application using Sysdig Monitor
  • Monitor a web services application using key metrics and monitoring approaches: Golden Signals, Utilization Saturation and Errors (USE) resource monitoring and Kubernetes orchestration
  • Identify performance bottlenecks in the application
  • Efficiently scale the application to handle the required load while monitoring the changes
  • Tailor Sysdig to provide application assurance for this microservices application
  • Dig deeper into the application using custom metrics from a variety of data sources
  • Explore activity in events & custom events
  • Authentication & Access Control – limit access to different resources
  • Image scanning to ensure good security practices are being established early on
  • Compliance benchmarks to ensure the platform itself is built follow CIS best practices
  • Runtime security to detect malware, anomalous activity, application security issues, and zero day exploits
  • Forensic troubleshooting and investigations of failures and security events

Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for individuals with an existing understanding of microservices, container technologies and container orchestrators. Primarily this course focused on Docker container runtime engine and Kubernetes container orchestrator, but many of the concepts are universal across runtimes and orchestrators. The audience is expected to have a good understanding of the Linux command line and basic Linux troubleshooting (viewing logs, identifying IP addresses, etc.).

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December 3, 2019