Docker is the enterprise container platform that gives developers and IT the freedom to build, manage and secure applications in an integrated, secured software supply chain. The Docker Platform is a set of technologies for building, sharing and running container-based applications, from the developer’s laptop all the way to production running in the cloud or on-prem. Docker’s building blocks are Docker Desktop, Docker Hub and Docker Engine and work with both Linux and Windows.

By starting at the developer at their laptop, Docker simplifies the containerization of custom applications. Using Docker Hub, content and official images from the software vendors, open source products containing thousands of official images for operating systems, libraries, components and applications, collaboration is accelerated.

Docker is the most widely used container runtime. running and securing containerized apps across on-prem and cloud environments with support for both Swarm and Kubernetes.

Docker Enterprise, an enterprise container platform, is the easiest and fastest way to use containers and Kubernetes at scale.

Docker EE offers image vulnerability scanning, image signing and a trusted registry, automated end-to-end encryption between containers, secrets management, automated cluster management, integrated monitoring, policy based release controls and many more enterprise features.