Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a set of practices that ensure a code base is always in a deployable state. This helps in getting code into production safely, often, quickly and consistently. Continuous Delivery standardizes and automates the steps developers go through to go from code in a code base to production. CD allows developers to routinely ‘call’ the process on-demand.

Terraform 0.14

Terraform 0.14: are we at version 1.0 yet?

The second of December marked the next major milestone in the progress of HashiCorp’s Infrastructure as Code product; terraform. However, how many more minor releases are needed before it is deemed grown-up enough to receive the coveted 1.0 versioning?
Why the Pipeline is key for Cloud Engineers

Why the Pipeline is key for Cloud Engineers

CI/CD pipelines are a common workflow automation tool for software developers. These pipelines generally build, integrate, and deploy new software versions, while doing code quality checks, security checks, integration tests, and...
The benefits of single application CICD whitepaper

The benefits of single application CI/CD

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) has changed the way we build, test, and deploy software. Releases that happened weekly, monthly, or more, can now be pushed several times a day. In order...
DevOps Culture

Why CI/CD is really about collaboration

CI/CD really is about collaboration. In this post, we’ll talk about why this is true, and walk through some examples that show how this works in real life. This a post in...
CI/CD Complexity

Beating CI/CD complexity with CINQ

CI/CD is a common practice to bring applications from code to production. Unfortunately, the tools needed to create these pipelines vary wildly in functionality and quality, and you need to integrate...
CNCF Landscape: tool sprawl

DevOps tool sprawl: is ‘tool tax’ just the tip of the iceberg?

DevOps tools make the world go ‘round. Too many tools make the DevOps engineers go mad. The first one is true. The second one, too. Fact is: tooling that helps you...
Choosing the right application deployment strategy

Choosing the right application deployment strategy

DevOps teams that have a lot of team autonomy should think about the way they deploy their applications. Because they are now responsible from start to finish: you break it, you fix...

Terraform 0.13 drives code simplification with for_each, count, and depends_on

On the 10th of August Hashicorp released the latest version of their Infrastructure as Code product, Terraform 0.13. This release appears to be not as transformational as their previous release which...
Risk Management in a DevOps world

Risk Management in a DevOps world

Every great new feature of the application you push to production provides an opportunity to increase the revenue of your organization. On the other hand, every commit and with it, every...
Create cache, databases and DDoS protection in Azure with Terraform

Create cache, databases and DDoS protection in Azure with Terraform

As they say, all good things must come to an end. This is the third and last post in our deploying LAMP on Azure with Terraform series, where we'll create cache,...