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IT security is a set of strategies for cybersecurity that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data. It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. With applications, data and identities moving to the cloud, more and more sensitive information is exposed directly over the internet; unprotected by the traditional security stack. Cloud security can help secure the usage of public cloud and SaaS, but require a different mindset and implementation of cloud-aware security tools and processes.

Going serverless

Going serverless: considerations for your organization

One of the latest cloud computing trends is to use serverless computing for deploy software applications. But what is serverless? In short: organizations do not maintain Virtual Machines or containers anymore....
Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Serverless computing has gained a lot of traction the last couple of years. Many organizations are already experimenting with it and using its fullest potential for their applications. As described in...
Docker Desktop Enterprise is the best feature of Docker Enterprise 3 0

Docker Desktop Enterprise is the best feature of Docker Enterprise 3.0. Here’s why.

Docker released Enterprise 3.0, and Docker Desktop Enterprise is the big new thing in this release. Docker Desktop Enterprise, or DDE, extends the Docker Enterprise container platform to the developer's system...
Runtime security with Sysdig Falco

Runtime security with Sysdig Falco

Lately I've been researching possibilities to detect anomalies during runtime in containers. I came across the open source project Sysdig Falco which seems to do just that. Quoted from their site:...
GitLab-Ramps-Up-Channel-and-Partner-Investment-with-Launch-of-a-New-Global-Partner-Program (1)

GitLab ramps up channel and partner investment with launch of new partner program

Today Amazic, a trusted supplier and solution advisor for partners, announced they have joined forces with GitLab, the single application for the DevOps lifecycle, to accelerate DevOps practice buildout and go-to-market...

VMware’s not done expanding its Kubernetes ecosystem; buys Octarine

VMware announced that its acquiring Octarine, a Kubernetes security startup offering continuous security and compliance for automated pipelines. Intrinsic security Reading the VMware blog post on the acquisition, Octarine is part of VMware's intrinsic security...

eBook: Kubernetes Security Guide

Download this guide to learn best practices for implementing Kubernetes and container security. Kubernetes has become the de facto operating system of the cloud. However, Kubernetes can be challenging to operate. Teams...
Palo Alto to acquire TwistLock for undisclosed sum

Palo Alto Networks to acquire Twistlock for undisclosed sum

Santa Clara-based Palo Alto Networks has announced its intention to acquire Twistlock, a cloud-native cybersecurity software vendor for an undisclosed amount, rumoured to be in the hundreds of millions. Twistlock has raised...
Interview with Chris Kranz and Why Sysdig

Interview with Chris Kranz – Why Sysdig

Part one of an Interview with Chris Kranz the EMEA SE Manager of Sysdig. we investigate the why, what and futures of sysdig.
Gitlab logo

Gitlab 13.0 – a big focus on security

Amazic helps you speed up your cloud journey. In order to do this, you need a lot of useful tools. One of them is Gitlab. At the end of May, version...