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IT security is a set of strategies for cybersecurity that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data. It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. With applications, data and identities moving to the cloud, more and more sensitive information is exposed directly over the internet; unprotected by the traditional security stack. Cloud security can help secure the usage of public cloud and SaaS, but require a different mindset and implementation of cloud-aware security tools and processes.

Going serverless

Going serverless: considerations for your organization

One of the latest cloud computing trends is to use serverless computing for deploy software applications. But what is serverless? In short: organizations do not maintain Virtual Machines or containers anymore....

Tips and tricks to secure containers for run-time environments

One of the core concepts of container security is to protect any system which runs containers. Especially when using a container orchestration tool and when running containers in production....
non-functional requirements

Guidelines to select a tool for the enterprise

Every software development team uses tools to actually build and ship software applications. Developers use tools to write the application code. Operators use tools to deploy these applications to the cloud....

DevSecOps – Building a Secure DevOps Pipeline

DevSecOps is the next stage in the DevOps revolution; integrating security practices into the development and operations workflows at an early stage. There is little argument that DevOps as a paradigm has...
Sysdig converges monitoring and security

Sysdig converges monitoring and security

Why do we monitor production applications? We want to know if the applications we run in production are healthy, of course. Healthy is a matter of perspective But what does healthy mean? Most...
The App Factory A slow movement towards rapid change

The App Factory: A slow movement towards rapid change

Download this whitepaper to learn how to remove silos and increase visibility. As the increasing need for dependable applications proliferates across nearly every industry, many organizations rush to release apps that do...

Time for 20/20 vision – here’s 7 trends for DevOps in 2020

A top 10 prediction list of the potential movers and shakers in 2020.

Choose the right cloud provider: 7 considerations

It should be no surprise: cloud providers have quickly become the platform of choice for IT-savvy organizations. In the last couple of years, more and more organizations jumped ship and started...
MobiledgeX Cloud Foundations

MobiledgeX is the Amazon of Edge Computing

We all know Amazon.com, the online retailer. In the Netherlands, we have similar 'platform' players, that, for a fee, will let 3rd party resellers sell their inventory via the site. It's...
GitLabs State of the Union on DevSecOps

GitLabs State of the Union on DevSecOps

It is that time of the year when the state of the “insert your paradigm of choice” reports are crossing the desks of Execs and Senior Managers, that purport to show...