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IT security is a set of strategies for cybersecurity that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data. It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. With applications, data and identities moving to the cloud, more and more sensitive information is exposed directly over the internet; unprotected by the traditional security stack. Cloud security can help secure the usage of public cloud and SaaS, but require a different mindset and implementation of cloud-aware security tools and processes.

Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Protecting your serverless workloads is not a “nice to have”

Serverless computing has gained a lot of traction the last couple of years. Many organizations are already experimenting with it and using its fullest potential for their applications. As described in...
HashiCorp Vault

Deploying and configuring HashiCorp Vault to service Terraform

In the third post of this series you will have noticed that we configured the Terraform environment to utilize a HashiCorp Vault server to provide one time use authentication for your...

What Compliance-as-Code means for your business

Have you already heard of Compliance-as-Code? Are you familiar with “compliance officers” in your organization? If not, you might be curious what 'compliance' means. Quite recently there have been some talks...
How to do DevSecOps with Chef InSpec and the DevSec

How to do DevSecOps with Chef InSpec and the DevSec.io Policy-as-Code framework

It doesn’t matter what operating system you are running, you are always at risk of being attacked. Common sense will help you in defending your assets but unfortunately, this will not...
The App Factory A slow movement towards rapid change

The App Factory: A slow movement towards rapid change

Download this whitepaper to learn how to remove silos and increase visibility. As the increasing need for dependable applications proliferates across nearly every industry, many organizations rush to release apps that do...
Not running containers in production is a risk. Here’s why

Not running containers in production is a risk. Here’s why

Two simple questions to start your working day with: How many VMs do you use in production to host your applications? How many containers do you run in production? If you do...
Going serverless

Going serverless: considerations for your organization

One of the latest cloud computing trends is to use serverless computing for deploy software applications. But what is serverless? In short: organizations do not maintain Virtual Machines or containers anymore....

Time for 20/20 vision – here’s 7 trends for DevOps in 2020

A top 10 prediction list of the potential movers and shakers in 2020.
5 Upcoming cloud computing trends for 2020

5 Upcoming cloud computing trends for 2020

The year 2019 is about to end. Less than one month left. A lot of websites already try to predict the future in their posts about upcoming cloud computing trends for...
Palo Alto to acquire TwistLock for undisclosed sum

Palo Alto Networks to acquire Twistlock for undisclosed sum

Santa Clara-based Palo Alto Networks has announced its intention to acquire Twistlock, a cloud-native cybersecurity software vendor for an undisclosed amount, rumoured to be in the hundreds of millions. Twistlock has raised...