Container Platform

A container platform is a way of deploying, running and managing containers. It consists of a container engine, deployment tooling and various management, security and monitoring tools and features. Popular containers platforms are Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and OpenShift, as well as managed services from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

3 reasons to attend Containers Today

3 reasons to attend Containers Today

Containers are a key technology in the cloud-native movement. Among advantages of using containers are repeatability, containers are the same from the developer’s laptop all the way up to production, immutability,...

Docker Enterprise Container Platform Webinar Series

The Enterprise Container Platform webinar series (recorded). Webinar 1 : Introduction to Containers, Container Orchestrators and the Docker Enterprise Container Platform Containers are going to be a key part in any organisation’s transformation...
Docker EE The Enterprise ready container platform

Docker EE: Container Platform eBook

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), the most advanced enterprise-ready container platform in the market, extends container technology to a container platform helping global organizations modernize their application infrastructures with enterprise features like...