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A container platform is a way of deploying, running and managing containers. It consists of a container engine, deployment tooling and various management, security and monitoring tools and features. Popular containers platforms are Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and OpenShift, as well as managed services from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Helm is the package manager of choice for Kubernetes

Helm is the package manager of choice for Kubernetes

Companies adopt Kubernetes at a rapid pace. There is no doubt Kubernetes serves as the foundation of almost every container platform of choice. Kubernetes is a 'batteries included but replaceable' deal,...

VMware’s not done expanding its Kubernetes ecosystem; buys Octarine

VMware announced that its acquiring Octarine, a Kubernetes security startup offering continuous security and compliance for automated pipelines. Intrinsic security Reading the VMware blog post on the acquisition, Octarine is part of VMware's intrinsic security...
Runtime security with Sysdig Falco

Runtime security with Sysdig Falco

Lately I've been researching possibilities to detect anomalies during runtime in containers. I came across the open source project Sysdig Falco which seems to do just that. Quoted from their site:...
Spectro Cloud saves Kubernetes from vendor lock in and DIY complexity

Spectro Cloud saves Kubernetes from vendor lock-in and DIY complexity

Kubernetes is great for developers creating containerized workloads and microservices. But it's open, pluggable architecture and design principles can be scary at first sight: it just doesn't hide any of its...

What’s New in VMware vSphere 7

In these times of “Sheltering in place” if you are American or “lockdown” for the rest of the world, it is the perfect time to learn something new or improve on...
MobiledgeX Cloud Foundations

MobiledgeX is the Amazon of Edge Computing

We all know Amazon.com, the online retailer. In the Netherlands, we have similar 'platform' players, that, for a fee, will let 3rd party resellers sell their inventory via the site. It's...

Kubernetes 1.18: What’s New

Last week, the CNCF released Kubernetes 1.18. In this new version, there are a lot of exciting new features. A lot of existing features are promoted from alpha to beta or...
vSphere 7 takes a massive step towards Cloud Native normalization

vSphere 7 takes a massive step towards Cloud-native normalization

With the release of vSphere 7 VMware have taken a massive step in the direction of normalizing Cloud Native application development in On-Premises datacenters whilst also casting their net for hybrid and public cloud too

Is cloud-native becoming mainstream? Yes, says CNCF

The CNCF regularly surveys the marketplace to understand adoption of cloud-native technologies. The results of the most recent survey shows some interesting adoption rates, indicating that cloud-native technologies are becoming mainstream. Why...
Segregation of duties

Kubernetes security considerations & best practices

As of now we are in the middle of a big boost in Kubernetes adoption. The number of organizations deploying containers in production using this popular orchestration tool grows every week....