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A container platform is a way of deploying, running and managing containers. It consists of a container engine, deployment tooling and various management, security and monitoring tools and features. Popular containers platforms are Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and OpenShift, as well as managed services from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

vSphere 7 takes a massive step towards Cloud Native normalization

vSphere 7 takes a massive step towards Cloud-native normalization

With the release of vSphere 7 VMware have taken a massive step in the direction of normalizing Cloud Native application development in On-Premises datacenters whilst also casting their net for hybrid and public cloud too

Is cloud-native becoming mainstream? Yes, says CNCF

The CNCF regularly surveys the marketplace to understand adoption of cloud-native technologies. The results of the most recent survey shows some interesting adoption rates, indicating that cloud-native technologies are becoming mainstream. Why...
Segregation of duties

Kubernetes security considerations & best practices

As of now we are in the middle of a big boost in Kubernetes adoption. The number of organizations deploying containers in production using this popular orchestration tool grows every week....
Kubernetes and the Hype Cycle at its Peak or in the Trough

Kubernetes and the Hype Cycle: at its Peak or in the Trough?

Kubernetes is the great new kid on the block, and just like at high school everybody wants to be friends with them. Those on the outside of the gang all wonder...
Docker Enterprise sold to Mirantis, Docker Desktop

Docker Enterprise sold to Mirantis, Docker Desktop, Hub raise $35MM

Two important things happened today at Docker to separate the two businesses. Mirantis to acquire the Enterprise parts of Docker Docker raised $35 million for Docker Desktop and Hub and replaces...

Portworx: Solving the Challenges of Persistent Storage for Containers

In the heyday of containers, storage was often an afterthought. Containers were envisioned to be ephemeral, stateless components and container storage was definitely not a priority. The advent of data-rich containers...
Sysdig interview with Chris Kranz The State of the Union

Sysdig interview with Chris Kranz – The State of the Union

In this the second part of the Interview with Sysdig EMEA SE Manager Chris Kranz, we discuss the state of the container industry and reminisce about Virtualization

Tips and tricks to secure containers for run-time environments

One of the core concepts of container security is to protect any system which runs containers. Especially when using a container orchestration tool and when running containers in production....
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Want to learn Kubernetes for free? Use Kubernetes.Academy!

Ever considered learning Kubernetes? But scared to take on such a big new path, realizing that containers are quickly becoming first-class citizens with Project Pacific? Read more about Project Pacific and Tanzu...
Are Containers a first class citizen in the enterprise

Are Containers a first class citizen in the enterprise?

Are Containers now first class citizen in the enterprise.