Automated Operations

Automating Operations is a big part of DevOps. The CALMS-model (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing) is a great way to define DevOps, and Automated Operations fit into the Automation pillar. Automation is important way to remove toil. Removing toil and automating operations improve the agility and business relevance of sysadmins.


How to create resilient Terraform code – part three

We have deployed our first working environment, but now we must make it resilient and repeatable, this is a journey into Terraform State, tfvar files and modules

Moving from Ops to DevOps: a 9-step saga

We all know about the DevOps revolution, a lot of us have read the Phoenix Project and the new book the Unicorn Project by Gene Kim and friends. Two books about...
Going serverless

Going serverless: considerations for your organization

One of the latest cloud computing trends is to use serverless computing for deploy software applications. But what is serverless? In short: organizations do not maintain Virtual Machines or containers anymore....
Kubernetes and the Hype Cycle at its Peak or in the Trough

Kubernetes and the Hype Cycle: at its Peak or in the Trough?

Kubernetes is the great new kid on the block, and just like at high school everybody wants to be friends with them. Those on the outside of the gang all wonder...
non-functional requirements

Guidelines to select a tool for the enterprise

Every software development team uses tools to actually build and ship software applications. Developers use tools to write the application code. Operators use tools to deploy these applications to the cloud....
5 Upcoming cloud computing trends for 2020

5 Upcoming cloud computing trends for 2020

The year 2019 is about to end. Less than one month left. A lot of websites already try to predict the future in their posts about upcoming cloud computing trends for...

Your secrets are (probably) everywhere – and they should not be

Where to store the secrets you need for your applications and infrastructure? A lot of sysadmins and developers face this dilemma. Not just once, but with every (new) application which is...

Deploying a LAMP Stack with Terraform – Databases & Webservers

In this the second part of the LAMP Stack deployment with Terraform, we run thought the code that delivers the active parts of the environment namely the Web Server and the Datebase environment.

Deploying a LAMP Stack with Terraform – AMIs, network & security

In this the first of two post on deploying a LAMP stack with Terraform we discuss some new concepts and explain the creation of the network.
Clean up your unused cloud resources to reduce your cloud bill

Clean up your unused cloud resources to reduce your cloud bill

Developers can and will utilize whatever resources cloud providers offer in simple ways. Infrastructure components can be setup in a matter of minutes. Creating and using cloud resources can quickly get...