Automated Operations

Automating Operations is a big part of DevOps. The CALMS-model (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing) is a great way to define DevOps, and Automated Operations fit into the Automation pillar. Automation is important way to remove toil. Removing toil and automating operations improve the agility and business relevance of sysadmins.

Is cloud-native becoming mainstream? Yes, says CNCF

The CNCF regularly surveys the marketplace to understand adoption of cloud-native technologies. The results of the most recent survey shows some interesting adoption rates, indicating that cloud-native technologies are becoming mainstream. Why...
The importance of DRY code and immutable infrastructure

The importance of DRY code and immutable infrastructure

DRY and Immutable are two key terms well known in traditional coding, they are two sides of the same coin. What is DRY? You may or may not have heard of the term...
What is the difference between variable tf and variable tfvars in Terraform

What is the difference between and variable.tfvars in Terraform?

There is no denying that Terraform is one of the leading players in the Infrastructure as Code space, but the learning curve is quite steep. One of the things that can...

Integrating Security into your Infrastructure-as-Code pipelines

Security is often left at the back of the queue when developing code, Priority is on Minimal Viable Product, and after delivering a feature, it's quickly on to the next. The...
Jenkins X the new CICD tool for your Microservices

Jenkins X – the new CI/CD tool for your Microservices

Perhaps, one of the most well-known CI/CD orchestration tools is Jenkins. In the early days, it was called "Hudson". Development started at Sun Micro systems and the first official release was...
Segregation of duties

Kubernetes security considerations & best practices

As of now we are in the middle of a big boost in Kubernetes adoption. The number of organizations deploying containers in production using this popular orchestration tool grows every week....
Terraform 012 should I bother to update my code

Terraform 0.12: should I bother to update my code base?

Terraform 0.12 has been released since May 2019. it is now stable running at 0.12.20 at time of publishing. Is it now time to upgrade your legacy code.
HashiCorp Vault

Deploying and configuring HashiCorp Vault to service Terraform

In the third post of this series you will have noticed that we configured the Terraform environment to utilize a HashiCorp Vault server to provide one time use authentication for your...
Code review tips and tricks

Code review tips and tricks to improve security

In an agile world, security can be a time consuming effort that slows down the software delivery processes. However, security topics should not be ignored or shifted to the very last...
Storage and connectivity

Edge computing explained and what you need to know

It could very well be the case you have already heard of edge computing. Many organizations already use edge computing in their day-to-day business. Before we dive into more details about...