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Whether it is about increasing the name recognition of your organization, generating leads or the search for new talent: Amazic is the reliable knowledge partner for all your marketing campaigns. From the first meeting we think along with you about the content of your marketing strategy and we help you to get in touch with your target group in the right way throughout the year. Because by making connections, we create valuable encounters and we are able to promote trade. Both online and offline, 365 days a year.

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How well does your target audience know your brand? Is your target group aware of your full range? Is your brand the first thing your target group thinks of when searching for a suitable solution to their problem? Are you really top-of-mind? If not, we offer you the opportunity to show your offer to the right target group in the right context through our extensive portfolio and broad reach. For example, the use of online display, placing an advertisement on our website, advertising in our digital newsletters or your presence during one of our live events.


Lead generation is the collection and retrieval of the data of your potential customers. In other words, those who are looking for information to fulfill specific (information) needs. Get in touch with your potential customer at an early stage of the purchasing process through the use of content marketing and presence during our live events. For example, we can distribute your whitepapers through our wide network of online content platforms, you can give a seminar during one of our live events and we offer you several options for generating leads through participation in an exhibition.


Successful B2B marketing is all about creating and maintaining relationships. Events are a very suitable means for meeting new contacts and further developing the relationship with your existing customers. After all, it’s all about the personal encounter. By participating in one of our events, you will be in direct contact with your target group and we offer you the opportunity to improve your brand image, gain exposure and generate leads. And with our platform, we enable you – through content marketing – to generate online exposure and leads efficiently, before, during and after the event.


IT professionals once focused on a new career by searching for interesting vacancies themselves. The demand for experienced, well-trained IT staff, however, has grown enormously and everyone is fishing for talent in the same pond. Today it is therefore a candidate market and the roles have been reversed: a talented IT person usually does not look for a job, but is found. We are happy to help you position your organization as an attractive IT employer and find new colleagues. Think of placing your vacancies on our jobboard, creating an Employer Branding company page, sharing sponsored content via our platform, social media and newsletters, aimed at attractive employment.


Are you an authority in your field? Do you know everything about the market and the needs of your target group? Then your expertise is worth gold! Because when your target group also regards you as the expert in the market, you are not only more top-of-mind, but also better able to build a relationship of trust with your (potential) customer. Through our network we offer you the opportunity to spread your expertise and increase the visibility of your organization in the most relevant way. This can be achieved by sponsoring a specific topic exclusively, but also by sharing your expertise with the target group with the help of whitepapers and sponsored content. And finally, a fully custom-made non-spot campaign is also possible.