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Keep your workloads compliant with Pod Security Policies

Compliance as Code initiatives helps organizations to become and stay compliant. In one of my previous posts, I highlighted this challenging topic and mainly...

Let your Pods do the talking

In this article, we'll let your Pods to the talking. Almost all applications deployed to Kubernetes need to access cloud-native resources sooner or later. The...

What is a Service Mesh and why do you need it?

Probably not a surprise for anyone in the DevOps world: monoliths are becoming microservices. However, new challenges arise. How to split them up based...

Risk Management in a DevOps world

Every great new feature of the application you push to production provides an opportunity to increase the revenue of your organization. On the other...

Resilient infrastructure and applications to overcome failures in the cloud

Cloud adoption grows exponentially. Development teams use on-demand infrastructure that scales up and down. They benefit from multiple datacenters and regions, as well as...


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