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vSphere 7 takes a massive step towards Cloud-native normalization

With the release of vSphere 7 VMware have taken a massive step in the direction of normalizing Cloud Native application development in On-Premises datacenters whilst also casting their net for hybrid and public cloud too

DevOps and the Product Owner – what changes?

We live in the DevOps world now. Businesses implement CI/CD processes throughout their entire organization. Traditional teams have evolved to multi-disciplinary teams, delivering new...

Is cloud-native becoming mainstream? Yes, says CNCF

The CNCF regularly surveys the marketplace to understand adoption of cloud-native technologies. The results of the most recent survey shows some interesting adoption rates,...

Chronosphere delivers on real-time insights for mission control teams

The push to cloud-native applications, and specifically to microservice landscapes, creates a challenge for operational teams. The challenge is, simply put, about sheer volume. Humans...

Expressions in Terraform

Wikipedia defines an expression in a programming language as a combination of one or more constants, variables, operators, and functions that the programming language interprets (according...

Deploying a LAMP Stack with Terraform – Modules

Modules are the basis of Reusable code. This post will start to investigate the power of a module to enable stable and repeatable code in your Infrastructure as Code life.

Code review tips and tricks to improve security

In an agile world, security can be a time consuming effort that slows down the software delivery processes. However, security topics should not be...

DevSecOps – Building a Secure DevOps Pipeline

DevSecOps is the next stage in the DevOps revolution; integrating security practices into the development and operations workflows at an early stage. There is little...

Functional Programming: democratizing development for DevOps

There is a bit of a revolution happening on the quiet in the development world. Partly led by the paradigm of DevOps, with infrastructure-as-code...


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