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VMware’s not done expanding its Kubernetes ecosystem; buys Octarine

VMware announced that its acquiring Octarine, a Kubernetes security startup offering continuous security and compliance for automated pipelines. Intrinsic security Reading the VMware blog post on the...

Runtime security with Sysdig Falco

Lately I've been researching possibilities to detect anomalies during runtime in containers. I came across the open source project Sysdig Falco which seems to...

Stakeholder management in a DevOps world – do’s and dont’s

Every software development organization runs a series of software projects. These projects result in applications. Those applications require great features to be successful. Agile...

Why CI/CD and team metrics matter for your business

With the ever-increasing popularity of containerized microservices in the public cloud, deployments have become more complex. Because changes are deployed quickly and often, how...

vSphere 7 takes a massive step towards Cloud-native normalization

With the release of vSphere 7 VMware have taken a massive step in the direction of normalizing Cloud Native application development in On-Premises datacenters whilst also casting their net for hybrid and public cloud too

DevOps and the Product Owner – what changes?

We live in the DevOps world now. Businesses implement CI/CD processes throughout their entire organization. Traditional teams have evolved to multi-disciplinary teams, delivering new...

Is cloud-native becoming mainstream? Yes, says CNCF

The CNCF regularly surveys the marketplace to understand adoption of cloud-native technologies. The results of the most recent survey shows some interesting adoption rates,...


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