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DevOps, from Philosophy to Action

Webinar: DevOps, from Philosophy to Action DevOps is a buzzword, used very differently in every company… but do you really know the real meaning of...

Announcing HCP Vault Public Beta

You will most likely know that Hashicorp Cloud Platform can allow the creation of a cloud-based Consul deployment on the AWS and Azure clouds....

Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model: Security

Understanding the security benefits that come with managing Identity and Secrets in a multi-cloud environment For many enterprises, the logistical realities of cloud adoption often...

SideScanning Technical Brief – Inside the Engine that Powers Orca Security

Delivered as SaaS, Orca’s SideScanning™ technology reads your cloud configuration and workloads’ runtime block storage out-of-band, giving you workload-level security across AWS, Azure, and...

DevOps in 2021: what will be our new normal?

There is no denying that 2020 has been an awful year, full of uncertainties, unwelcome unexpected challenges; economies crashing due to Covid-19 and governmental...

CockroachDB is a hassle-free SQL database for multiple clouds

Everyone knows: cockroaches are annoying, highly persistent bugs. They can live under extreme conditions and always keep coming back even if you eliminated them...

Securing Kubernetes Workloads

Securing Kubernetes Workloads Why RBAC is not Enough for Intent-Based APIs Kubernetes has officially arrived - with a recent survey from the CNCF stating that 78%...

Empowering development teams to make the most of Kubernetes’ potential

Kubernetes infrastructure is democratizing and commoditizing container platforms for software developers, serving as the core for modern, cloud-native applications. Its standard APIs and the standardized...

A beginner’s guide to GitOps and how it works

Infrastructure automation using DevOps best practices As software applications become more sophisticated, the demands on infrastructure increase. Teams need to support complex deployments at immense...


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