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Fluentd – logs everything from everywhere

Every component in your application landscape should log (part of) its activity for troubleshooting and security auditing purposes. This helps developers check debug logs...

VMware acquires Datrium and Blue Medora

VMware has been digging deep into their pocket change this week with not one but two acquisition announcements. Firstly VMware announced their intention to...

Choose the right cloud provider: 7 considerations

It should be no surprise: cloud providers have quickly become the platform of choice for IT-savvy organizations. In the last couple of years, more...

Getting ready for microservices – strangling the monolith

Don't feel like reading? Listen to this article via the player below: Amazic · Getting ready for microservices – strangling the monolith Every day, more and...

2020 State of Application Services Report

The application landscape evolves as organizations transform to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. For the sixth annual survey, F5 heard from nearly 2,600...

eBook: Kubernetes Security Guide

Download this guide to learn best practices for implementing Kubernetes and container security. Kubernetes has become the de facto operating system of the cloud. However,...

HashiCorp: the Full Stack

Those of you who have been following our Terraform and Vault technical posts will have seen the benefits of using them for point solutions....

Making sense of Container Data Protection

This question is often translated into “why backup containers?”. Perhaps the challenge is not about backing up containers but protecting modern containerized applications. Does...


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